All ads expire after n days

This feature allows setting an expiration date to all published ads.

You can access this option by logging into your admin panel and going to Settings -> Advertisement -> Publish Options -> Ad expiration date.

And enter after how many days an ad should expire. If you enter 0 (zero) then the ads will never expire.

Ad expiration configuation

Custom expiration date

This feature allows users to enter an expiration date on the publish new ad form.

Here are the steps you need to follow to give the sellers the option to choose an expiration date for their ads:

  1. Go to your panel, Classifieds -> Custom Fields.
  2. Click New Field.
  3. It’s essential to call the field expiresat.
  4. In the Type input choose Date.
  5. Press Create.

Custom ad expiration configuation

Note: If you also set an “Ad expiration date” on your settings, then custom expiration date will always prevail.

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