This feature is available on our 3.0.0 release and on all sites hosted at

Now it’s possible to choose the social media you want to display into the Share Widget.

When you create or edit the Share Widget, you can see the field called Social media to display, where you can type the social media you want to display. If you leave this field empty then all the available social media will be displayed.

Here’s a list with all the available social media. Next to each social media you will see the keyword you need to type:

  • Whatsapp: whatsapp
  • Facebook: facebook
  • Twitter: tweet
  • LinkedIn: linkedin
  • Pinterest: pinterest
  • Google+: googleplus
  • vkontakte: vkontakte
  • Odnoklassniki: odnoklassniki
  • Tumblr: tumblr
  • Reddit: reddit
  • Stumbleupon: stumbleupon
  • Digg: digg
  • Flipboard: flipboard
  • Email: email
  • Print: print

* Whatsapp buttons appear only on mobile devices


share widget

share widget 2

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