You can access these options by logging into your admin panel and going to Settings -> Advertisement -> Publish Options.


  • Require login to post: Force your users to register or login before they post any ad on your website. Read more in this guide.
  • Only administrators can publish: Admin or moderator users can publish ads on your site. Users or guests are not able to publish ads.
  • Ad expiration date: After how many days an Ad will expire. Put 0 (zero) if you don’t want ads to expire.
  • Allow ad reactivation: Enable this option to allow users to reactivate their ads.
  • Parent category: By switching ON this option, users are allowed to publish an Ad under a parent category.
  • Google Maps in Publish New: Displays the google maps in the “Publish new form”.
  • BBCODE editor on description field: BBCODE editor appears in description field.
  • Captcha: Captcha appears in the form.
  • Leave alert before submitting form: Disable/Enable this option to leave an alert before submitting and publish a new form.
  • Term of Service: If you choose to use terms of service, you can select “Activate”. More details in this guide. If you need to generate your terms of service or privacy policy click here.
  • Thank page: A page that will be displayed to the user after he publishes an Ad.
  • Banned words: You need to write your banned words separated with coma (,) to enable the service.
  • Validate banned words: Enables banned words validation. When users enter banned words, they get a warning message in order to replace these words.
  • Banned words replacement: Banned word replacement replaces selected array with the string you provided. (For example “xxx”)

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