This feature is available on our 2.7.0 release.

If you have an international classifieds website or your users speak different languages, you can let them choose in which language your website will be translated to them.


To do that, go to your Panel, Appearance -> Widgets and create the widget called Languages. You can select where this widget will appear, the title of the widget and the languages you want to display (leave the field empty to display them all).



Languages to display coma separated: You can leave this field empty to display the full list of languages. If you want to display only some languages, you can do something like the example below:

ar, el_GR, en_US

This will display Arabic, Greek and English language in the dropdown menu.

Here’s a full list of the available languages:

  • ar Arabic
  • bg_BG Bulgarian
  • bn_BD Bengali
  • ca_ES Catalan
  • cs_CZ Czech
  • da_DK Danish
  • de_DE German
  • el_GR Greek
  • en_UK English
  • en_US English
  • es_ES Spanish
  • fr_FR French
  • hi_IN Hindi
  • hr_HR Croatian
  • hu_HU Hungarian
  • in_ID Indonesian
  • it_IT Italian
  • ja_JP Japanese
  • ml_IN Malayalam
  • nl_NL Dutch
  • no_NO Norwegian
  • pl_PL Polish
  • pt_PT Portuguese
  • ro_RO Romanian
  • ru_RU Russian
  • sk_SK Slovak
  • sn_ZW Shona
  • sq_AL Albanian
  • sr_RS Serbian
  • sv_SE Swedish
  • ta_IN Tamil
  • tl_PH Tagalog
  • tr Turkish
  • uk_AU Ukrainian
  • ur_PK Urdu
  • vi_VN Vietnamese
  • zh_CN Chinese



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