This guide is only for Yclas Self Hosted!

Many users ask us this question after making a purchase, setting up the software and testing it. Then they would try to use the software on their domain and they get the error: “Please insert here the license for your theme.”

What really happens is that the user makes a purchase of one theme, which normally comes with one license that can be used on only one domain. So, one license = one domain. Then they would use that license on their localhost or on a test site just to see how the theme is working and when they try to get the theme working on their main website they face this issue.

What we would recommend? Follow these steps after doing your first theme purchase:

  • Download your selected theme
  • Upload it to the FTP of your main website
  • Activate the license there
  • Activate Maintenance mode (Panel > Settings > General)
  • Do whatever tests you need
  • Deactivate maintenance mode

If you had already activated the license on a test site or on another domain, you could solve this issue by doing one of these options:

Your license can be used on any sub-domain you want to use your premium themes on but it won’t work on another domain. If you are managing more than one domain, I would definitely recommend you to choose the extra license or 5 licenses, because it is the most cost efficient.