By using the Notification System, you can notify your website users that an email was sent to them from your website. That email could be sent after they perform a certain action like register, post an ad, request to change their password or when they get contacted from other users.

Activate Access Term Alert

How to enable the Notification System

1. Register on
2. After the registeration, you will be asked to enter your app details as displayed below:

Activate Access Term Alert

Name your app: Enter your website name or leave the default name.
Select a cluster
What’s your front-end tech?: Select “JQuery”
What’s your back-end tech?: Select “PHP”

You can leave the other fields empty and click Create your app.

3. The next page you will see is the dashboard, select App keys on the top menu. Go to Settings -> General -> Notifications, enter the App ID, Key and Secret and select the Cluster you chose when you created the app. Enable notifications and click Save.

4. Now, when users are logged in and they receive emails from your website, they will get notified so they can go check their email.


A user contacts the admin through his profile page.