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The Kamaleon theme owes its name to the 18 different styles/color schemes that are offered with it. This makes the theme a real kamaleon and suitable for almost everyone. The possibilities for the feel and look of our classifieds site are endless with this theme. Looking at the technical side; infinite scroll, RTL and multiple configuration options are supported. All of these together make the Kamaleon theme fit with every kind of classifieds website that you want to develop.

Activate Kamaleon to your site

  1. Login to your Admin panel.
  2. Go to Appearance on left hand menu.
  3. Choose Themes.
  4. Search for Kamaleon and click on Activate.
  5. Done!



  • Header tool bar gets fixed in the top: Decide, if while scrolling your page down, the header from the top will move and be always visible (choose YES) or not (choose NO).
  • Display breadcrumb: If it’s enabled, breadcrumb is displayed on the website.
  • Where you want the sidebar to appear: Choose if you want the sidebar to be displayed on the right or left of your website.
  • Disable category counter badge: Choose if you want to display the category counter badge in the homepage.
  • Hide page links on footer: Choose if you want to display the created pages on the footer. Follow this guide to learn how to create pages.
  • Hide the header and footer on a single ad and on the user profile page: Removes the header, breadcrumbs and footer on single ad and user profile page. Enable to show the user profile page like “your store”.



  • Display slider in listing: Except of the slider at the home page you can also activate a slider in the listing pages with a latest ads of the certain category.
  • Default state for list/grid in listing: Choose the default way you want the ads to be viewed by users when in listing view.
  • Enable minimal list option in listing: Choose the width of your website layout.
  • Infinite scroll: Ads will be loading automatically whenever the user scrolls down.
  • Hide icon on category/location description: If “No” is selected, category/location icon will be displayed on category/location page.
  • Listing random position banner, allows HTML: Text or banner that you paste in this field will be displayed in a random position among the advertisements in the listing.

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