Yclas offers an email subscriber feature which allows users and visitors to subscribe and get an email whenever a new advertisement based on their filters is placed.



1. Go to your admin panel -> Appearance -> Widgets.

2. Press Create into the Subsccribe widget box.

3. Configure the Subsccribe Widget:

  • Where do you want the widget displayed?: Select between the available options, sidebar, header, footer, publish new page or inactive.
  • Categories: Choose True to let users choose the category or categories they want to subscribed to.
  • Locations: If enabled, users can choose a location to subscribe to.
  • Price: Set to True to let users to pick a price range for the ads they will be notified for.
  • Subscribe title displayed: This is the title of the search form. Leave empty for no title.
  • Minimum/Maximum Price: Enter the minimum and maximum price users can choose for the price range.
  • Increment Step: Select the increment step of the price range bar. Default vaule is “100”.

4. Press Save changes.

How it works


Example: A user visits your site and choose to subscribe to the categories “Apartment” and “House”, in “Barcelona” in a price range of 0-400.000. When a new advertisement is published to the website, on the category “Apartment” or “House”, in “Barcelona” with a price between 0 and 400.000, user will get an automatic email (ads-subscribers) about the ad.

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