How to change language

It’s super simple:

Go to Panel, choose Settings and press Translations from the left sidebar. From the list of available language versions choose your locale. Press Activate next to the locale you’ve chosen. Your page is already translated!

You can also Edit translation by clicking orange button with a pen (see how).

Available locales

Locale is a language code consisting of shortcut of language and country where it is used. Here is the list of available translations of Yclas with their locales:

English – (en_UK or en_US)
Spanish – (es_ES)
Arabic – (ar)
Italian – (it_IT)
French – (fr_FR)
Dutch – (nl_NL)
Serbian – (sr_RS)
Romanian – (ro_RO)
Polish – (pl_PL)
Danish – (da_DK)
Norwegian – (no_NO)
Russian – (ru_RU)
Indonesian – (in_ID)
Czech – (cs_CZ)
Slovak – (sk_SK)
Catalan – (ca_ES)
Bengali – (bn_BD)
Malayalam – (ml_IN)
Filipino – (tl_PH)
German – (de_DE)
Japanese – (ja_JP)
Portuguese – (pt_PT)
Shona, Zimbabwe – (sn_ZW)
Tamil – (ta_IN)
Turkish – (tr_TR)
Vietnamese – (vi_VN)
Chinese – (zh_CN)
Greek – (el_GR)
Hindi - (hi_IN)
Bulgarian - (bg_BG)
Albanian - (sq_AL)
Ukrainian - (uk_AU)

Here you can find an example for list of all locales.

If you want to have your site in the language not listed above, contact us! For everybody who will help us with translating the software to a new language we offer a license discount!!


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