This guide is only for Yclas Self Hosted!

Cron is a program that enables users to execute commands automatically at a specific time. A common use for it on Yclas is generating the sitemap.

How to set up your cron

Crons are enabled by default but you can disable it if you want.


How to edit or add New Crontab

This part is only for advanced users.


Login to your Panel, Extras -> Crontab and click the Edit button next to the crotab you want to update.


If you want to add a New Crontab, click New on Tools -> Crontab.


*The function needs to be a static method.

  • Name: The name of the crontab.
  • Period: When this command will be executed.
  • Callback: The command you want to execute.
  • Params: The parameters the function receives.
  • Description: Description of the crontab.
  • Date Started: Date and time the last execution started.
  • Date Finished: Date and time the last execution finished.
  • Date Next: Date and time of the next execution.
  • Times Executed: How many times this crontab executed.
  • Output: The message returns.
  • Running: Checked if crontab is running.
  • Active: Checked if crontab is active.