This feature is available with our 2.8.0 release and for all of the sites hosted at

The “Private site” option could be useful in cases you want to share your website with only a few people. If you enable this option, then only registered users can access your website and only the administrator of the website can register new users!

Follow the steps above to make your site private:

  1. Login to your panel
  2. Go to Settings -> General.
  3. Enable Private Site.
  4. Click Save.

Now, if you logout, this is what you should see:

private site

  • Registered users can login using the login form on the bottom of the page.

  • Unregister users can request access to your site by clicking Request Access and filling the form with their Name and Email. An email with this information will be sent to the administrator in order to use it and create a new user (Panel -> Users -> Users -> New).

private site2

  • The content of the page that is displayed to unregistered users is editable. You can create a new page through your panel. Go to Settings -> General, choose this page on Private Site landing page content and click Save.

private site3