As we have posted in our blog earlier, you could now have ElasticEmail integrated into your e-mailing function in Yclas. You can do that for multiple reasons, and some of them could be: your server can’t send e-mails, e-mails not reaching users’ inbox or you want to trace the e-mails you’re sending.

How it works

Here are the simple steps you need to do to have it integrated into your website:

  1. Set up an ElasticEmail account
  2. Go to your panel, Settings -> Email -> ElasticEmail, switch ElasticEmail to Enabled.
  3. Go to your ElasticEmail account -> SMTP/API and copy the API Key and Public Account ID, paste to your website admin panel, Settings -> Email -> ElasticEmail and press Save.
  4. Enter the name of the list that you want users to be automatically subscribed after they register. ElasticEmail provides instructions on how you can create a list.
  5. Press Save.

How to Configure Elastic Email on Yclas

Now, every e-mail you send using the admin panel will be sent through your ElasticEmail account.