When you get a premium theme, hosting or professional support you receive a year of professional support. You gain access to our support system which you can use to open tickets and communicate directly with the Yclas team, so we can help you with any inquiry. In this guide, I will explain how you can use the support system to serve your purposes and get an answer in a timely manner by following these steps:

Client login

When you make a purchase of a premium theme you receive an e-mail with a download link to your purchase as well as a notification e-mail that an account has been created with your e-mail at our market.

So you can use your purchase e-mail to log in to our market and see a panel that looks like this:


Please remember that you should use your purchase e-mail to log into our market if you want to get support, access your purchases or check your licenses.

Opening a ticket

Once you are logged into your account at our market you should be able to see a “support” tab at the left side of your panel, once you click it you will find the button “New”.

New ticket

When you click “New” a ticket opening panel comes up, in which you could put the title and describe whatever you need help with.

New ticket 2

If the issue requires more characters than the current 1000 Character limit then you can post a part of your issue first, then reply to the same ticket with the rest of the issue.

Replying to a ticket

Remember that you have to be logged in with your purchase e-mail to access his support ticket, when you do that you can see a list of all opened tickets with their status; Opened, held or closed. A ticket is on “hold” status when you receive a reply from one of the support agents.

ticket list

To reply you can simply click on the message shaped button next to the ticket and the reply form will open with all of the previous conversations.

ticket reply

From there, you can read the full ticket conversation, close your ticket or place a reply.

What does support cover

We will always try to help to you as much as we can! We love helping new businesses and we will always try our best. You can open a support ticket any time you have a bug, an error or an issue related to the software, or if you are not sure how something works. We are here to help!

Just for you to know, support doesn’t cover these obvious points:

  • Mentoring for technologies CSS, PHP, HTML, JavaScript or other technologies used in our software.
  • Manual software updates (but guiding the process is included).
  • In case of theme purchase only 1 installation is covered with our support.
  • Support for customized themes or software not done by us.
  • Configuration of server or shared hosting.
  • Sign up or support for third party services.
  • Customization of software or themes.
  • How to browse Internet.
  • Language translation and other dictionary services.