After adding the possibility of creating custom fields on our 2.0.7 version, we added a new feature on our new release. With this feature, you can make any custom field apply to any category you select. This walk-through will show you how to do that easily with our new 2.1 version.

Our previous “How to” post showed you how you can create and manage custom fields.

On our 2.1 release, we added the option to include different categories within the custom field creation panel, as shown and indicated in the following screenshot:

How to integrate your Custom Fields into selected categories

With this option, and by creating this custom field, ads will be integrated into the “Housing”, “Apartment” and “English” categories.

So lets try publishing a new ad in one of those categories:


We can see that, when I chose the “Apartment” category, our new custom field was shown automatically where the arrow is pointing.

If you want to add a custom field to any ad published regardless of its category, you can simply leave the category option empty and your new custom field will show every time a new ad is being published.

I hope this was useful. There will be more posts coming in the future to help you build your classifieds website !