Note that the Featured Plans are available only for the Premium Users. When you ‘re ready to have a Premium Theme, go to our market.

With our 2.4.0 release, we added the option to create featured plans for ads.

This feature allows you to give users the option to select among different length of the featured of their ad and pay according to your plans.

If you don’t know how to enable featured ads, please follow this guide!

  1. Log in to your Admin Panel.
  2. Settings -> Payment, enable Featured Ads
  3. On Featured Plans click Add a plan if you want to create a new plan or click to edit an existing plan
  4. Fill the fields and click Save plan

featured plan

Now, when users click to mark theird ad as featured, they will be redirected to the checkout page to choose the featured plan they want to buy.

featured plan

There are several ways to mark an ad as featured.

The admin of the site can mark any ad as featured, even if there are published by a different user. Here’s how the admin can mark ads as featured:

  • Admin Panel -> Classifieds -> Advertisements -> click the settings button -> Featured
  • Go to an ad page and click Go Featured!.
  • Click to edit an ad and choose Go Featured!.

And here’s how users can mark their ads as featured:

  • Go to their ad page and click Go Featured!.
  • Click to edit their ad and choose Go Featured!.
  • Click the profile button on the top, choose My Advertisements, press Featured.

Here’s an example of a featured ad in the listing page:

featured plan

The goal is to give more exposure to featured ads. By default featured ads are highlighted in the listing page. However there are few more ways to promote featured ads in your site:

  • Featured ads slider on homepage: Choose to show featured ads in your homepage slider on Settings -> Advertisement -> Listing Options -> Advertisements in home, choose Featured Ads or Featured Ads Random.

  • Featured ads slider in the listing page: Enable slider on the listing page and choose to show featured ads. Go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Listing -> Display slider in listing and choose Featured or Featured Random.

  • Featured ads widget: Create a Featured Ads Widget to show featured ads on Header, Sidebar or Footer. Here’s how to create a widget

  • Sort by featured in the listing page: Show the featured ads first in the listing page. Go to Settings -> Advertisement -> Listing Options -> Sort by in Listing and choose Featured.

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