With Yclas, it’s possible to create a simple Frequent Asked Questions system - FAQ, that will help your clients solve common issues and know their way around your website.

It’s really easy to activate and extremely useful, only from 2.1.x versions:

  1. Login in your Classifieds Panel
  2. Go to Settings > Plugins
  3. Activate FAQ System = ON and click Save, this will add the FAQ icon to the header of your theme.
  4. Go to Settings > General > Comments, Disqus for FAQ = this will add Disqus system in the bottom (providing your Disqus ID is necessary to enable the service).
  5. Click Save.


6. In your panel, choose Content -> FAQ -> New.

7. Create and add your FAQ.


8. Go to your site home page, in the header there’s an icon with FAQ.

9. There you have listed all your FAQs, with a nice search box.

10. Enjoy!