The following guide contains the Vagrant configuration for Yclas Self Hosted.

What is installed

  • Official Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) builds

  • Apache2

  • PHP 7
    • cURL
    • GD
    • mysqli
    • mcrypt
  • MySQL 5.5

  • Installation file for the latest Yclas Self Hosted


  1. Download and install Vagrant

  2. Download and install VirtualBox

  3. Clone repo:

     git clone
     cd vagrant/
  4. Boot the environment:

     vagrant up
  5. To prove that it is running, you can SSH into the machine: (Optional)

     vagrant ssh
  6. Run: (if you have followed the step 5, type exit before the following command)

     sudo vim /etc/hosts

    and add those lines at the beggining of the file:  reoc.lo
  7. Once the machine it’s running, load this on your browser:

  8. To destroy the virtual machine and remove all traces of the guest machine from your system, run:

     vagrant destroy

Vagrant fails to remove temp files, so run this after vagrant destroy the virtual machine:

sudo rm -f d20* vagrant20*

During the Yclas Self Hosted installation process, for DB Configuration use:
Database name: openclassifieds
User name: root
Password: 1234