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Yummo is a classifieds theme that works pretty good with General classifieds sites.


Activate Yummo to your site

  1. Login to your Admin panel.
  2. Go to Appearance on left hand menu.
  3. Choose Themes.
  4. Search for Yummo and click on Activate.
  5. Done!



  • Change the color scheme and style of the theme: Choose among OC, Red, Blue, Amber, Orange and Teal.
  • Select your own color: Select your own color to overwrite the color of the prefined color scheme.
  • Hover color of custom color: Select your own hover color.



  • Display breadcrumb: Breadcrumbs are used to help with navigation and allow users to keep track of their locations.
  • Where you want the sidebar to appear: Decide if you want the sidebar to be displayed on the right or left side.
  • Disable category counter badge: Choose if you want to display the category counter badge in the homepage.
  • Show bannergroup above footer: If enabled, a bannergroup will appear above the footer.
  • If bannergroup is active, text of the H1 title: Enter the big title of the bannergroup.
  • If bannergroup is active, text of the H4 subtitle: Enter the small title of the bannergroup.


  • Hide page links on footer: Choose if you want to display the created pages on the footer. Follow this guide to learn how to create pages.



  • Numbers of ads to display in home slider: Select how many ads to display on homepage.
  • Homepage Only Header, allows HTML: You can put any text or banner as a header of your site. Works great for putting ads e.g. Adsense. Just paste the correct HTML of the banner.



  • For every listing it shows the price in the bottom extra info. Next to the price you can select a second option to show.: Choose which detail will appear next to the price in the bottom of the listing, between Number of Views, Location of Ad and Owner of Ad.
  • Display slider in listing: If you want to have a slider in the listing page, choose between Default, Featured and Featured Random. Otherwse you can choose None.
  • Default state for list/grid in listing: Choose the default way you want the ads to be viewed by users when in listing view.
  • Infinite scroll: Ads will be loading automatically whenever the user scrolls down.
  • Hide icon on category/location description: If No is selected, category/location icon will be displayed on category/location page.
  • Listing random position banner, allows HTML: Text or banner that you paste in this field will be displayed in a random position between advertisements in the listing.

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