Changing theme

To change look and feel of your site go to Panel, select AppearanceThemes from the left sidebar. At the top of the page you can see the theme you are currently using. Below you have a list of available themes that you already own. Select the one that you like the most and click Activate (you can also preview it firstly). The layout of your website just changed!

Buying new theme and installation

If you don’t have any available themes to choose from, you can get Yclas Self-Hosted PRO from the market. Just hit Buy now! and you will be redirected to the site where you can complete the payment. After purchasing you will be provided with the download link and all necessary information.

When you buy premium theme we offer you its free installation - contact us and we will do it for you. But you can also do installation by yourself, because it is really easy and fast. You just need to go to Appearance > Themesupload the downloaded theme file and press Activate. When you go once again to Panel > Appearance > Themes you will notice that the new theme is visible in Available Themes section. Then click Activate.

Modifying themes

If you want to go beyond the themes that we offer in the market and make some own improvements, you’re free to do so. You have access to source code, so you can make any changes you need. We can also help you build your own custom theme according to your specific needs and make your site unique. Just contact us!


Yclas Self-Hosted Pro:

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