In this section of options you can configure what will be displayed on the advertisement’s page.

To access these options, login to your Panel, go to Settings -> Advertisement -> Display Options and fill the fields.

Advertisement Display Options

  • Contact form: If you enable this option then a contact form appears in each ad’s page where users can contact with the seller.
  • Require login to contact: Enable this to force users to login to contact with the seller.
  • Price on contact form: Enable this option to have another field called Price in the advertisement contact form, so the buyer can contact the seller asking about the price.
  • Show QR code: QR code
  • Google Maps in Ad: Allow Google Maps to be displayed on ads which have address.
  • Count visits ads: You can choose if you wish to display amount of visits at each advertisement.
  • Show sharing buttons: You can choose if you wish to display sharing buttons at each advertisement.
  • Show Report this ad button: You can choose if you wish to display Report this ad button at each advertisement.
  • Related ads: You can choose if you wish to display random related ads at each advertisement.
  • Show Free tag: You can choose if you display Free when an ad has no price or price equal to zero.
  • Facebook comments: You need to write your Facebook APP ID to enable the service. Find more here
  • Disqus Comments: You need to write your disqus ID to enable the service.Find more here
  • Logbee: Integrates your site with Logbee
  • Rich Snippets: Enables rich snippets for products.

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